here you can learn some small facts about the dangerous monsters and mysterious objects of Berserk. If you do plan to read Berserk then beware of spoilers


Type: Cursed Armour

The berserker armour is a cursed set of heavy iron that protects the wearer from extreme damage. It increases your pain tolerance by a huge amount, not making it unnoticeable but ignorable. It also closes wounds and mends bones during fighting by forcefully holding them together with spikes. The armour is incredibly powerful but it can and will kill the wearer. It is currently worn by Guts.


Type: Demonic Artefact

Little is known about the behelit. Its egg shape is adorned with a misshapen face. Sometimes it even seems like it's looking at you. A behelit always belongs to someone and will always find its way into its owner's hands.


Type: Demons

Mysterious beings of mystery and evil. They orchestrated the most terrible events in all of history and are manifestations of the sins of our world. They were born from the desires of humanity and want what we all want, doing anything to get it.


Type: Demons

The apostles are servents of the Godhand. Upon the activation of their behelit and the sacrifice of the one they hold the closest to their heart, they are transformed into demonic entities which lack empathy.