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Usopp was the fourth person to join the straw hat crew and has a funny sense of humor, alongside his long nose.
Usopp was born in a village called Syrup Village. He grew up with no father because his father was a pirate and his mother died of sickness when he was young. As he grew older, he wanted attention after being alone for so long, and became a carbon copy of the boy who cried wolf, but he'd cry for pirates. When luffy came along, Low and behond, a group of pirates started to rob his village and nobody believed they were there. Luffy , Zoro , Nami and Usopp had to stop the pirates alone. After this, Usopp joined the straw hat pirates and became One of the best snipers in the world, using is trusty slingshots.
My Favorite Attack
Usopp hammer is my favorite attack that Usopp does, because he uses it early in the show, and it shows how weak he was and how much he's grown. It's also very funny to watch.