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Roronoa Zoro was the first person recruited onto the straw hat crew and is a swordsman who specialises in the art of the three sword style. A sword in each hand and a sword in his mouth.
Zoro grew up in a village called shimotsuki village. He grew up alone until he started going to a nearby dojo called 'The Isshin Dojo', where he met one of his dearest friends Kuina. Kuina and zoro made a pormise, that one of them would be the world greatest swordsman. After that, Kuina died, falling down the stairs. Luffy finds Zoro, days from being killed by a Navy Lieutenant by the name of 'Axe-Hand Morgan'. Luffy saves him and they start their adventure together.
My Favorite Attack
My favorite attack by Zoro is called 'Purgatory Onigiri', where he lunges forward, with great speed, and slashes his enemies with all three swords.