Mordern Irish history begins arguably in the 19th century, this is following the act of union in 1800, in which England, Scottland, Wales and Ireland, united under the union of the United Kingdom.

Under the protestant rule of the United Kingdom, the Catholic Irish where treated inhumanely, they where not and did not have the same rights as protestants,

In the 1820's Daniel O'Connell, and Irish politician from Clare, began a campaign for Catholic emancipation which would give more rights to the local Catholics.

In 1829 O'Connell achieved Catholic emancipation in the British parliment, a monumental moment in Irish, Catholic and British History

Daniel O'Connell would die in 1847 while in Genoa, Italy.

In 1845, the famine suddenly struck Ireland, the crops that where meant to feed the nation where unedible in large quantities, this rendered several crop cycles nearly useless for years

The Irish on the island suffered from lack of food and many fell into poverty

This lead to mass migration, mostly to the Unites States, this is why there is a large amount of Irish people and people of Irish descendants in America, to this day the population of the island has not recovered to it's former amount of people.

Part of the problem of the famine was the poor response from the British, while thousands where dying or leaving the island, the British government sent little to no aid to the Irish, this lead the disaster being much worse than what it could have been

In the later half of the 19th century, following the famine there was an increase in interest of Irish culture due to the cultural revival which was spearheaded by many influencial politicians

One of them was Charles Stuart Parnell, Parnell was a protestant who was born during the famine, he was a politician who was in full support of Irish culture and endoresed and worked with those who established the GAA,

Parnell was also an advocate for and independant Ireland, free of rule from Britain

During this time it appeared Ireland was becoming more independant, groups like the IRB where formed and Politicians where talking about the idea of independance in public as to spread the word and get as much support as possible.

however independance would not arrive for another 30 years.