This is my favourite zombies map called mob of the dead and it was created by Treyarch on April 16, 2013. Its a game where you need to kill zombies and gain more points the more points you have the more you can survive more. Now the first thing you think of when you load in to a solo match is you need to get power on to unlock most of the doors in Alcatraz, and also gather parts, there is 5 plane parts you need, some which you need the power turned on to get to them. Also you need to buy as much doors as possible to have more room to run around in and to unlock all box locations. In a solo match you can carry all the parts on your body, but in multiplayer you can only carry 1 part at a time and you would only have 1 afterlife, in solo you would start off with and have a max of 3 afterlifes.

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