Plan for Remote Teaching & Learning 2021

Schedule for Live/Recorded Engagement
Below you will find a list of all planned live/recorded engagement for this week 18th-22nd January 2021. Teachers will endeavour to stick to this timetable where possible and will notify students via teams if they are unable to attend a live lesson or need to reschedule. Rolls will be kept and attendance should be encouraged where possible. If there are any problems, please email

Live Lesson Schedule: (click on year)
1st Year

Plan for Remote Teaching & Learning 2021

  • We expect that students should follow their normal timetable as closely as possible to structure their day. Some class periods will involve direct contact with a teacher – may be a live lesson, narrated powerpoint, recorded instructions etc. For subjects that occur 2/3 times a week students will have one live/recorded lesson.  For subjects that occur 4/5 times a week, students will have two live/recorded lesson engagements. (from next week)  Each teacher will identify which of their timetabled classes will involve this interaction.  For other classes students will work on what is assigned by the teacher and submit this work for feedback from the teacher.  Your son will need your encouragement to do this. Students should log on to Microsoft Teams every morning.
  • Teachers will be establishing contact with the boys this week and beginning their remote teaching. They will let students know which times they will be putting on a live or recorded lesson.  We will send a blank timetable to students so they can record their timetable for the week.  This may be subject to change as will depend on teacher availability etc.
  • Each teacher will teach a virtual class at least once a week in each subject. These classes will happen online via Microsoft Teams.

The following subjects will not have a virtual class: CSPE, SPHE RE & PE at Junior Cycle, a small number of TY modules, PE & RE at Senior Cycle. Teachers will post material for students to engage with at these times.


  • Work will be set for students on the understanding that all of our students have access to a smart phone and Wi-Fi access/ data. If this is not the case the school must be notified by parents so that we can provide support. This contact must be made via email to the school office.
  • We will do everything we can to support all of our students and are aware each family situation is different. We know that many of our students may be helping with childcare at home if parents are working or may not be able to access devices until the evening.


  • Class teachers will keep records of all engagement by students. We will try to contact parents of students not engaging where a pattern is developing.


  • If a student is unwell and unable to take part in online learning for a few days parents must contact the school office via email.The message will then be sent on to the relevant teachers, Tutor and Year Head.

Summary for Students

What is needed at home?
– All school books, copies, exam papers etc.
– Username and password for school
– Microsoft 365 account
– A device (phone/tablet/laptop) to access the Teams app
– Set of earphones with a mic (if possible) for online class
– Wi-Fi

All class teachers will engage with you during some of their classes on the school timetable. If they need to make subject specific changes they will let you know via teams.  This will happen occasionally.  If a teacher is unwell and unable to teach remotely they will put a message on their class team.


To sign into your Office 365 Account you need your school email & password You can download an offline version of Office 365 from your account to your deviceYou need the Teams app (Download from App Store or Play Store) for online classes. You sign in using your school email address.Having problems with the above?If you are having a problem with logging in please email 


For Online Class students should:

Keep their mic on mute unless asked by the teacher to unmute

Keep their camera turned off unless asked to switch it on by the teacher

Dress appropriately

Remember the School Code of Behaviour applies

Never take screen shots, photos or recordings unless asked to by the teacher

If you need to contact a teacher please do so in your class team.  Please try to restrict your contact to the school day. It is not reasonable to expect an immediate response. Your teachers will do their best to respond to you in a timely manner.


For parents with queries during Remote Learning please contact the school via email


The purpose of remote teaching and learning is to allow teachers and students to continue course content as per subject curriculum/specifications. It also provides some of the social benefits and routine that school and the classroom provide to all of our students. It is not identical to the ‘normal’ learning environment but we hope it provides something similar and positive during these difficult times. We will always work to make remote learning as accessible as possible to all of our students. We know for some this is extremely challenging. Please remember our staff members are living through this pandemic too and they and their families face the same challenges as all families.

We look forward to meeting you in the virtual classroom!