The children in Sables come from the streets of Kabwe; they have lost parents to HIV or AIDS, been rejected by their families and forced onto the street to beg, steal or prostitute themselves in an effort to stay alive. The children are taken off the streets and given a place of comfort and safety. The children get three meals a day.Picture2

They get medical care and counselling, clothing and education which gives them, an opportunity for a chance in life.

There is a range of extra-curricular activities from choir to soccer, a knitting club, basketball, volleyball, netball, judo and even a little hurling – on St. Patrick’s Day!

All money donated to Zamda goes to Sables Nua – there are no administration, secretarial costs,or expenses. All money goes exactly where it should go – to support the children of Sables Nua.

Any support given either financial or materially (clothing, stationery, educational supplies, sports materials etc.) is gratefully accepted and put to good use. We donated over €5,000.

Over one hundred and thirty children in Sables are ‘day pupils’, coming for breakfast soon after daybreak and staying until they return to their homes (mud huts) as darkness starts to fall.

A new Night Shelter has been built – a dormitory with a shower / toilet block attached is ‘home’ for twenty of the most vulnerable children who have no known relatives ; their life stories are in many cases horrific and Sables is a place of refuge, support and care for them.

Distance from Dublin to Lusaka is approximately 8340 kilometers.

There are very few non-stop flights from Dublin to Lusaka. Therefore, you’ll have to take connecting flights.In such cases, flight time depend on the stopover destination specified by your airline or the one you choose while booking your ticket.
Flight time from Dublin to Lusaka is 12 hours 28 minutes. Dublin time is 1 hour behind Lusaka


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