Support Services

Principal & Deputy Principal

The Principal and Deputy Principal oversee the programmes of care for students in the college. They are both available to support students and parents when challenges arise. Similarly, they are a support to students who may need extra assistance in any area of college life.

Form Tutor

The Form Tutor plays a very important role in your child’s life. He/she will have daily contact with your child and is dedicated to making your child’s educational experience a positive one. They will offer support and guidance to parents as their child passes through the college. Form Tutors are in regular contact with the home and are available to meet with parents.

Year Head

The Year Head works in conjunction with Form Tutors so that students are cared for and know that there are people looking out for them all the time. The Year Head has responsibility for supporting staff in the implementation of the Code of Behaviour. The Year Head also plays a very significant role in pastoral care. In St. Kevin’s College, Year Heads stay with their year group all the way from first year to sixth year providing consistency of support and ensuring that relationships and partnership are well established between the student, the home and the college.

Care Teams

There are Care Teams for each year group made up of Form Tutors and Year Heads’ in the college. They come together to develop plans to support students who face additional challenges in the class room. The Care Teams provide strong insight into the overall well being of students.

Student Support Team

The Student Support Team is an invaluable resource. The members of the team are dedicated to assisting students who may be distressed or in personal difficulty. The team meets weekly to assess the needs of students and the capacity of the college to meet these needs. The Student Support Team works closely with the home to ensure that all students get the opportunity to thrive in our care.

We believe in offering our students the highest quality of education in a safe, happy, caring and challenging environment.

Social Education

The college offers programmes of SPHE, CSPE and RSE to promote the development of the whole person. These programmes offer students the opportunity to explore new areas in a respectful and sensitive manner. Students learn about personal responsibility and social responsibility in a structured and carefully devised manner. These subjects also offer the opportunity to discuss topical issues and give students the space to air their thoughts and become well-informed in personal development. Subjects include Learning to Learn (for 1st Years). It also includes topics such as well-being and mindfulness.

Guidance Counsellor

The Guidance Counsellor in St. Kevin’s College views the development of positive self-esteem as essential for students. The Guidance Counsellor works with all year groups and is involved in classroom activities, one to one guidance, career planning, assessment of educational and vocational abilities and other related supports.

The Guidance Department works with all senior students on an individual basis working on study plans, college applications and access programme applications. The Department also offers a drop-in guidance service for all of our students.


The role of Chaplain is a professional and privileged one. It is about caring for the whole college community. It is a faith presence accompanying each person with pastoral care on their journey. The college Chaplain animates the college community by way of establishing the many faiths and cultures within St. Kevin’s College. Support is provided through one to one meetings with students, teaching, caring for and fostering ownership of the college.

The Chaplain is a supportive presence during difficult times but also celebrates in the joy of individual and college success. The college Chaplain works as one member of the Student Support Team within the college.

Home School Community Liaison Coordinator

The role of the HSCL is to provide a source of help and support between home and school. It promotes partnership to ensure pupils fully engage in school life. Parents are supported and encouraged to get involved through a variety of activities:

• Home visitation

• Courses and classes

• Information meetings

• Working with students

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