Care Teams

There are Care Teams for each year group made up of Form Tutors and Year Heads’ in the college. They come together to develop plans to support students who face additional challenges in the class room. The Care Teams provide strong insight into the overall well being of students.

Care Teams 2015
The Care Team structure was introduced in 2013 to allow for regular meetings between Year Heads and Form Tutors to address issues that affect students in a particular year group. Issues that arise often affect the entire year group so Care Team meetings allow for a uniform approach to address the issues. The Care Team reports to the Student Services Support Team (SSST), which meets on a weekly basis. This team consists of the Guidance Counsellor, Miss S Delany; the Chaplain, Ms C Keegan ; The Home School Community Liaison officer (HSCL), Ms S Collins; the Head of Learning Support, Miss G Casey; The Deputy Principal, Mr T Shannon; the Principal, Mr T Byrne. The SSST team discuss issues that are not solved at Form Tutor/Year Head level. Issues can be raised at SSST level at any time.

First Year Care Team
Miss S Collins.              Year Head
Mr M Kelly                   Form Tutor
Miss E Clinton              Form Tutor
Mr S Grealis                 Form Tutor
Miss C Mc Entee           Form Tutor

Second Year Care Team
Miss D Kearns              Year Head
Mr O Clinton               Year Head (Acting)
Mr I Clarke                 Form Tutor
Miss A Taaffe              Form Tutor
Miss I O Mahony           Form Tutor
Mr J O Shea                 Form Tutor

Third Year Care Team
Mr L Mc Carthy             Year Head
Miss S Kavanagh           Form Tutor
Miss E Kelly                  Form Tutor
Miss J De Poire             Form Tutor
Mr G Brennan               Form Tutor

Transition Year Care Team
Miss E Mc Crudden       Year Head
Miss S Kenny                Form Tutor
Mr A Horan                  Form Tutor

5th Year Care Team
Mr J Corry                   Year Head
Miss G Casey               Form Tutor
Mr D Foley                  Form Tutor
Miss E Keaney             Form Tutor
Mr R Peavoy                Form Tutor

6th Year Care Team
Mr D Gill                      Year Head
Miss S O Brien               Form Tutor
Mr John Kane                Form Tutor
Mr D Brennan                Form Tutor

Miss E Mc Crudden has responsibility for LCA classes in conjunction with the year heads.

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