Parents Council

MAY 2017
We were delighted to assist in raising sponsorship, printing, advertising for the school production of War of The Buttons. We also gathered lots of prizes for the interval raffle. It was a wonderful show, a most enjoyable night and a full house. The show ended with a standing ovation. We are very proud of our teachers for their dedication to our boys and to the students for the hard work that was so evident in the quality of acting and stage management on the night.

Raffle – The War of The Buttons


We would also like to thank our many sponsors for their continued support of our activities as support from the community is much appreciated by the Parent’s Council.


Graduation began with a lovely mass, in Our Mother of Divine Grace church, followed by presentation of certificates and awards in the school.  The Parent’s Council made beautiful sandwiches and had tables full of treats for boys, parents, guests and teachers.  There was chat, stories and goodbyes over tea and coffee.  Once again it is wonderful for the Parent’s Council to join with the school community in such a celebration as Graduation.  We wish our boys every happiness as they continue their own journey to pastures new.

The ebb and flow of school life means we once again say goodbye to parents who we ourselves have journeyed with, in St. Kevin’s,  over the years.  We thank them for their friendship and contribution to our school and wish them well.

On a personal note, as my own son graduated this year also, I would like to thank the Parent’s Council for the continued support of both me as I chaired the council and for our school. I thank you for your friendship and the fun we have had along the way.  We are part of the true spirit of partnership here in St. Kevin’s and it has been a privilege to have been a member of the council. I wish you all a safe and happy summer.




St. Kevin’s Parents’ Council comprises parents from 1styr to 6thyr. We meet around 6 times a year. We do not have any special skills, just a willingness to be a part of our son’s journey through St. Kevin’s. In addition to giving time to our son’s school, it is also a great way to meet other parents and hear what life is like in the different year groups.
We are involved in many ways in the school. We review school policies, take part in Open Night, Graduation Night, Grandparents Day and fundraising. We are partners in our school. We work in tandem with management and staff in St. Kevin’s as a voice for the entire parent body.

Open Night 2016


Open Night at any school can be a daunting experience for parents and student. We are therefore delighted to be a part of open night at St. Kevin’s. It is a great chance for prospective parents to see and hear from existing parents and hear about our personal experiences in the school.
AGM 2016
We had a very successful AGM in October and we thank all for their attendance. Our guest speakers from the Ballygall Unit of the Order of Malta delivered a CPR talk. They gave great advice and a demonstration on how to resuscitate somebody who has had a cardiac arrest with the use of mannequins. CPR was demonstrated and the use of an AED and all present got the chance to join in and practice on the mannequins and use the AED.
We were also delighted to welcome 8 new members to the council and we are looking forward to working together on behalf of all parents in St. Kevin’s.

We have recently set up our gmail account and if you would like to contact us the address is

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